“Christian and I became friends when we both did some gigs with the great Lionel Hampton. Even though we didn't know each other at the time we struck up an immediate friendship I was very glad that Christian asked me to take part in this project. Most of the music here is composed and arranged by Christian and his talent shines thru in both areas, not to mention his bass playing. The atmosphere at the session was very relaxed and Christian made sure that we all had a chance to show our creative abilities.“—Don Friedman

“Christian lays down a groove and digs deep. His steady drive is one to be reckoned with. He rocks solid! As a singer I appreciate his understandin of keeping it all in place—he is 'oh so solid' and yet he is fully capable of carrying the melody when inspred to do so. He suspports the music while at the same time continually reinventing his role within the framework of a song. This CD is a total groove pocket“—Cheryl Bentyne, Manhattan Transfer

“I love the sound and the relaxed, seamless way Christian looks into those finger popping grooves. What a pleasure!“ —David Gage

“Christian Fabian knows how to get to the grease!“ —Mike Longo

“Christian Fabian is one of the most versatile bass players on the New York scene today. This album demonstrates his passion for the groove, tasteful compositions and pure musicality.“ —Mason Brothers

“Christian Fabian is leaving his mark as one of the bright, imaginative bass players on the scene. I'll always support him.“ —John Clayton

“It's wonderful, it's just great! As a bass player leader it's's killing!“ —Bob Cranshaw

“Christian is a melodic soloist, with a clear technique that exploits the full expressive range of the bass. His compositions are vivid“—Lee Musiker

“An excellent album with a high degree of musicianship from all concerned.
It is made extra special by the guest artists, especially Claudio Roditi, whose mellow playing is a delight on “It Might as Well Be Spring“—Tony Augarde, BBC, United Kingdom

“Christian's touch and keen sense of phrasing are the hallmark qualities of this special recording.”—Randy McElligott, / CHUO FM, Canada

“This is an album I enjoy immensely for the high quality of musicianship and improvisation. This CD will get continued airplay.”—David Milne, Huon FM, Australia

“Hi Christian, This album is an absolute cracker, I have played tracks
2,3,4,6 & 9, on air, and now I am about to play track 10 (great arrangement of Michelle by the way) and also track 11 tonight on my program 'Colours of Jazz'. Congratulations on a fantastic Cd, it's always really good when ever now and then a collection of compositions comes along where just about every track is a good one, keep the great music coming.”—Larry Groves, Colours of jazz, 3mbsFM radio jazz presenter, Australia

“Superb album, I like it very much. The bass work on this album is second to none. The album is well produced and full of good jazz. I have already played several tracks on my radio shows.”—Ray Porter, Jazz Syndicate Radio and Real Love Radio, United Kingdom

“Good disc love it.”—David McCrory, 2NVR 105.9fm / 2bbb 93.3fm, Australia

“...your jazz release is very very high. An embrace from Italy”.—Bruno Pollacci - “AnimaJazz“ - Pisa - Italy

“What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs.”—Michael Criddle,Triple H-FM, Australia

“This is quite a good CD, the bass line is always nice and groovy.”—Pascal Dorban, Radio ARA , Luxembourg

“This is quite simply a terrific recording from first to last. Superbly played by all Musicians involved who compliment one another with clever and subtle interchanges at every tempo. I was also impressed with the contemporary compositions, they work well and are well arranged and produced.”—John Reid, Keith Community Radio, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland

“Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station.”—Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio/Netherlands

“This CD is classic in its concept, but innovative in its execution. Instead of restating what they have said so well, with his new group Christian Fabian seem to be pushing the music into a new zone.
This group's renewed passion and intense expression is exhilarating.”—David Gage, THE Bass Store in Manhattan



“Christian this is simply superb. I especially love your version of the Rodgers and Hart classic, It Might as Well be spring, I love your bass and percussion on the Charlie Parker composition, the bass solo on Michelle and I think The Dolphin is beautiful. Thanks for the bonus of your poetry; I am reading True Freedom on air tomorrow and playing six tracks from this album. I know my listeners will love it. Many thanks!”—Helen Jarroe, O's Place Jazz Magazine, IL USA

“Fans love it”—William Jervis, Radio lu, Luxembourg

“Bonjour, thanks for your so great music I really enjoyed. I added it to my WJAZ broadcast play list on RADIO PLURIEL 91.5FM in France, plus worldwide INTERNET via our web site. Best regards, Jacques.”—Perrichon Jacques, RADIO PLURIEL91.5, France

“Some of the best bass playing I've heard in years. Christian Fabian has a number of tracks that I feel are suitable for air play on my program and in fact I have already scheduled track 6 (It Might As Well Be Spring) for my 28th June “Jazz Cafe“ program... and I intend to play several other tracks on subsequent programs, especially tracks 8 and 10, which I know will go over very well with my Australian listeners. The solo on track 10 is nothing short of amazing. Well, now you've got a new fan 'down under' Christian. All the best, Harold Ellison 'The Jazz Cafe' TripleU-FM Nowra, New South Wales Australia“—Harold Ellison, Shoalhaven Community Radio Inc. Australia

“Hi, A great CD. Beautiful playing and well produced. I will be featuring tracks on my jazz radio shows here in New Zealand over the next few months. Thank you for sending the release to me. Mark“—Mark Robinson, GeorgeFM, New Zealand

“Excellent bass playing that interacts so well with the other instrumentation on this album. A really tight sound that shows real experience and tight musicianship. The fusion of styles is very neatly balanced.“—Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7FM, Australia

“Great Sound, enjoyable listening, I truly enjoy promoting artists overseas other than mainstream“—David Font, FM107.1 (2AAA), Australia

“This is a great CD to relax to and I liked it. I did play some random tracks during the exam period, which was well received. Hope to hear more tracks from you!“—
Paras Shah, Burst Radio, United Kingdom

“Christian Fabian - Across The Tracks 4/4 (5-high scale Performance/Sound) O's Notes: This is a blend of cool jazz, bebop and fusion that will excite listeners on both sides of the Jazz Ruler™. It's a trio with Andy Laverne (p), Danny Gottlieb (d) and Fabian on bass. But there are a few special guests who add more spice. They all get funky on “Hunt's Groove“ especially guitarist Corey Christiansen. The warmth of Claudio Roditi's trumpet is displayed on “It Might As Well Be Spring“. It is intoxicating! They swing hard on “Falling Grace“ led by Christian who also takes an excellent bass solo on ‘Michelle’. This one is a winner.“
—D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine, IL USA

“You need to have this CD in your collection, because no collection is complete without this essential CD, this is really good. For all music lovers, no excuse to not have this right now on your CD player.“—Gi Dussault, Room Radio Show, Connecticut USA

“Excellent CD by Christian which should bring him many new fans with right exposure. Fine material shows strong personality and musician able to correspond with his ideas through original music, rather rare occurrence on contemporary jazz scene.“—Vasja Ivanovski, 94.1 FM RADIO 2, Macedonia

“I have been playing your disc and do find it a great mix for my Show.“—Mike Anderson, KUER Salt Lake City

“I enjoyed the CD very much and will look forward to any future CD's you put out. Best wishes.“—Kerilie McDowall, Rhythmaning CHLY 101.7 FM Nanaimo, BC Canada

“Like this one, for us its lean back and enjoy. Keep on the good work“—Jacques Jongmans, Dutch Coast Radio, Netherlands

“Thanks for this--very good CD, one of the best this year! Hope all goes well“—
Peter Stevens, CJAM FM, Canada

“This album was a pleasant surprise and it has been getting good air play on our station. Nice additions of musicians to support Fabian's bass work.”—Gene Abkarian, Ft Collins Community Radio, USA

“This I like. There aren't all that many solo bassists, so it's good when one comes along that he's better than just good. Listeners will enjoy and appreciate these tracks. I surely do”—Philip Crookes, Primetime Radio 1ZZ Bay of Islands New Zealand

“Very good CD, I have played it many times in my show”—Louis Brunet, CKMN-FM 96,5 Canada

“ 2.nice tracks”—Marcus Romero, Tehilla Radio, Trinidad and Tobago